Named “MARIE” because of Marie Curie's never-ending determination and curiosity, which turned her into an icon in the world of modern science. This woman discovered radioactivity together with her husband Pierre Curie and is the reason why serious diseases can be detected and cured.

She was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize and the only woman in the scientific field to get honoured with it twice.

“Have no fear of perfection; you’ll never reach it.”



10cm / 85g
15cm / 185g


Handmade with love in Austria!

We are so proud to say our silhouette candles are vegan, cruelty free, eco friendly and handled with the utmost care.

Just as each & every one of you, every candle is unique, you won’t find the same color/scent combination twice yet all of them will add depth & a luxurious subtle oud character to your home. 


Our packaging and filling to make sure your candle gets toyou safe and sound are biodegradable.