Here‘s „ROSA“, inspired by Rosa Parks, the first lady of civil rights.

In 1955, Parks refused to give up her seat in the ‘coloured’ section of a bus so a white man could sit down. Parks was then arrested for her defiance and charged with a violation to segregation laws despite not sitting in the ‘white’ section.^

Her actions led to the Montgomery bus boycott, in which the black community refused to use buses. Many carpooled, walked or used black-operated cabs, which charged the same price as buses.

Parks became known as a symbol of the civil rights movement, speaking regularly about injustice and racial discrimination.

“You must never be fearful about what you are doing when it is right.” - Rosa Parks



10cm / 85g
15cm / 185g


Handmade with love in Austria!

We are so proud to say our silhouette candles are vegan, cruelty free, eco friendly and handled with the utmost care.

Just as each & every one of you, every candle is unique, you won’t find the same color/scent combination twice yet all of them will add depth & a luxurious subtle oud character to your home. 


Our packaging and filling to make sure your candle gets toyou safe and sound are biodegradable.